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Amofilm® DPCB Diazo Phototool Films
DPCB LP (clear)
Cristal clear amber.  High contrast.
Slight pigmented surface for
antiblocking. Optimized for high
resolution applications.
DPCB P (semi-matt)
Semi-matt, amber. High contrast.
Pigmented surface for anti- blocking.
Optimised for rapid vacuum build-up
and highest level of runability.
Product- and Technical Information
High UV-Density of the amber area (D-max)  >4.7*
Excellent transparency at exposed clear areas
  (D-min)   <0.15*
Strong resistance to chemical and mechanical damage
High resolution
Perfect dimensional stability
Permanently antistatic
Pre-conditioned, PH-balanced Interleaving Paper
*Typical density values following processing (see below). 
   Measured using X-Rite 369T
Swiss Quality
ISO 9001:2008
ISO 14001 :2004